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Leading Software in the industry

Software comes in three varieties; software that is used to control an instrument and display that data from that instrument, software that is used to control an instrument and provide post process data, application and modeling software.

Instrument Control

Samurai – This is the software that controls the SINUS Apollo based analyzers and provides 30 application modules.
Noise & Vibration Works (NWwin) – NWwin can control all the Larson-Davis instruments

Post Processing

Noise & Vibration Works – Nwwin is designed specifically for handling Noise and Vibration data. It provides reporting and application modules for Environmental, Workplace, Sound Power, Architectural, Automotive Passby.
NWwin can handle the native files from all Larson-Davis and SINUS instruments as well as any meter that can export in .csv format.


MEscope – ME’scope is a series of software packages and options that make it easier for you to post-process experimental noise & vibration data, analyze and display the data in animation. ME’scope helps you solve a variety of vibration & vibro-acoustic problems. With new ME’scope options, you can also monitor machinery and structures over long time periods, and be notified when vibration or noise levels have exceeded prescribed levels.


Odeon - Room Acoustic modeling software. ODEON software is developed for simulating and measuring the interior acoustics of buildings. With the appropriate treatment, outdoor situations can be studied as well. Given the geometry and surface-properties, the acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and listened to. Sound reinforcement is easily integrated in the acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the image-source method combined with ray tracing.

Data Acquisition

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The basic principle of the software is that virtual measurement instruments provide data for activated measurement channels. There are various types of virtual measurement instruments, differing in the types of data provided.

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Post Processing & Reporting

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Advanced Data Processing and Reporting Software that will Quickly Process your Data With high end equipment we can Control, Store, Calculate, Visualize, Document anything.

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Room Acoustics

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We use the latest high quality products for Room Acoustics from Odeon. We can set up these systems fast and with ease with included Impulse Response Measuring System

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