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Leading instrumentation in the industry

We are constantly using and evaluating various tools in a variety of applications in our consulting practice. Our experience provides us a good understand of which tools and solutions are useful and cost-effective which enables us to quickly understand your requirements and recommend products and/or solutions.

Here are the instruments we use and recommend:

Sound Level Meters from SINUS

Boogie – Type 2 Integrating meter
Tango – Type 1 Integrating meter
Tango Plus – Type 1 Integrating meter with 1/1 and 1/3 octaves

Real Time Analyzers from SINUS

Each channel of each of these meters is independent from every other channel and offers 1/n octaves, FFT, recorder and a Type 1 Sound Level Meter.

4 channel Apollo Light
4 Channel Apollo
8 Channel Apollo
16 -32 Channel Hurricane
32 – 192 Channel Typhoon

Acoustic Cameras

CAE Smart System – 56 microphone system
CAE Smart System – 112 microphone system (0.6 & 1.0 m arrays)
CAE Noise Inspector – 112 microphone system (0.6, 1.0 & 1.7 m arrays)
CAE Noise Inspector – 40 microphone system (5.0 m array for wind turbine studies)


Intensity Probe – Fixed 18 mm Type 1 probe with phase calibrator

Sound Level Meters

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We offer Sound Level meters for simple single channel measurements. We can measure noise variations over time discribing the time variant nature of noise. Advanced reporting and editing software streamline your process.

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Acoustic Analyzers

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We provides detailed dialog and consultative review for applications involving test, quality control/assurance, end-of-line testing and vibro-acoustic troubleshooting. We provide on-site measurement and training.

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Beam Forming

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We use the latest high quality products for Beam forming Techniques. Our systems are extremely precise in using directional signal transmission technology. These quality products adhere to world-wide standards.

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